For Partners

For potential partners

Global turn is very ambitious and fast growing corporation and truly represents the global experience to the existing and potential partners. We take care of each of our partners and respect their working values, ethics as well as cultures. Global turn official language is English and it is followed Danish organizational culture. Everybody from our company is well valued and we follow flat organization structure and consultative leadership.

What do we offer for our partners

We represent our partner’s fulltime representation throughout the year. We organize student fairs, spot admission, seminars typically two times a year (March and September). We have always clear focus on to develop strong and long term relationship with our partners in order to represent them in best possible way in the Bangladeshi as well as to the south East Asian Market. We do always update to our partners about present trends, forecast, outlook or any important changes to the Market. We assist to our partners to identifying opportunities about existing market as well as to the other potential market.

Some of our market overview


Denmark is a well known Scandinavian country. To study in overseas full degree and as an exchange student is growing every year and would expecting to continue. The Danish government helps the student to finically while student study in Overseas. It has a lot of potential as an attractive market for education provider.


At present Bangladesh is our main market. We have access almost all part of the country. We do have counseling facilities in Capital Dhaka, Chittagong the second biggest city as well as to the sylhet the third largest city in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has a vast population with enormous opportunity in the education sector. The British English based school A level and O level provider institutes are increasing. The higher secondary exam pass success rate about 80% has been increased over the last five years and hope it will continue. The private universities are increasing to meet the demand of higher education. The top destination for the Bangladeshi students is UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Global turn is first company that introducing the Danish education providers to the Bangladeshi market and to position Denmark as another study destination.

The economic development of the country is positively resulted to higher education sector. More and more family is financially capable to send their children to study overseas. More than 6.5 steady GDP growth over the last five years placed Bangladesh economically in very strong position and next five years target is about 11% GDP growth. It is a top 11 developing countries in the world to watch. 27 billion USD reserve in the central bank in Bangladesh is double than compared to Pakistan. GDP Per capita has increased in double compare to the last five years. There are many economical parameters that Bangladesh has done well recently than India. Bangladesh is considering top 10 international students recruitments destination for the global educational institutions.


More than US $13 billion is spent every year by about 450,000 Indian students on higher education abroad.
The government is planning to set up an exclusive agency to be called the Higher Education Quality Council for monitoring and granting licenses to Foreign Service provider interested to enter in India. More than 195,000 students from India were studying overseas in 2009-10.

The Key five destinations were US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Russia. But very recent statistics indicate a shift towards Europe, Canada, Singapore and China.


Nepal’s total population in 2011 was 26.5 million; although the CIA World Factbook estimates the population is now over 30.4 million.

Education providers worldwide can look to Nepal as a source market for a number of years. As of June 2011, 55% of Nepal’s total population was under 25 years of age. This means that the number of students seeking university and other higher education opportunities will continue to grow, at least for the medium-term.
The popular study destination is UK, USA and Australia.

Expansion plan

Global turn has tremendous pressure from the subagents from Nepal and India and as a result, we set up representative office in February, 2014.At present we are looking for representative office in India by third quarter of the year 2016.
Global turn would like to represent more education institutions from Denmark, Australia Canada and USA by 2016 to meet the student’s surplus demand especially from Denmark, EU, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal.

Marketing and recruiting plan

Global turn has 75 different way of recruiting international students. We develop a specific country marketing plan together with the educational institutions, marketing director and with our sub agents. We develop a very precise marketing plan in order to achieve common goal. After developing the marketing plan we send it to our partners (education providers) to approve it. Once we have got the approval then we go for implement it immediately.

We promote our services through
Print media, online social networks media, newspaper and magazine
Distribution of brochure to the target groups
Organizing seminar before every intake, participating student fairs and exhibitions,
Ties-up with other agents, Sub-agents, organizations&associates locally and abroad
Ties-up with other professional bodies in locally and abroad,
Get together and other social events organizing time by time,
Telemarketing and regular electronic communication to existing and new clients,

Direct marketing to the local institutes regularly giving presentations & briefing about courses.