Important notice of Coronavirus update from Globalturn

Important notice of Coronavirus update from Globalturn

Dear all of you.

As you all know, coronavirus is a serious health issue throughout Denmark and worldwide… Globalturn prioritizes its customers and partners in Denmark, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. Therefore, we have lockdown our activities for the time being. Globalurn Denmark’s physical office will remain closed, so it is not possible to visit us or any meeting. The Pre Scheduled meeting will be canceled and we will let you know a new time scheduled later on.

But you can still write to us online like email and social media and other online channels and phones. We are so sorry about it as the situation demands, even though we know the face to face meeting is very important to our Business.

Our events with Dania academy, Denmark spot admission and seminar events in Bangladesh have been canceled. We will let you know later when the event will take place again.
Some other future events normally we do every year will be canceled.

Some of you who have applied for the resident permit, it might be delayed as Denmark has locked down for 2 weeks.

Those who are traveling to Denmark to join the classes, please contact the university and contact the relevant authorities in order to travel in Denmark Before you take flight. If you do travel, it will be your own responsibility.

We are very sorry to those who are not able to produce the documents for your application on time, Denmark has extended the deadline till 22 of March. We hope that you can arrange all the documentation at this time.

Our Finland applicants who need to go to India, you can’t go at the moment for the visa application or other necessity as India has Banned traveling to India till the 15th of April.

We will update you on how other Universities from Netherlands and UK adapt to the situations and any changes they made. Please keep an eye on our website or social media.

Our proposed Nepal promotional events have been canceled

We strongly advise our Globalturn team and staff from the Denmark office to work from home until the situation changes.

Best Regards

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