Practical information after arrival in Denmark

1. What did you do once you have get down from flight in Copenhagen?
Ans: After arrival in Copenhagen airport I went to baggage claim to get my bags. There is always a sign how to go to the baggage claim. And on the display its always written which belt the bags are.

2. Where is the information center in Copenhagen airport station and did you got any information about how to buy the train or Bus Ticket?
Ans: There is small station booth in the airport, near to the exit. This station is basically for the new people or traveller. If anybody ask for tickets they help and give the proper information.

3. Where is the Forex money changer in central station in Copenhagen, did you change the money and why did you change?
Ans: You can change the money from central station in Copenhagen. There are several money exchange companies are central station. All the money exchanges are in top floor.

4. Where can you buy a SIM card for your telephone, which SIM card did you bought?
Ans: The sim card is available at Kiosk(small shop). It is also available in the shop called 7eleven at central station.

5. From Copenhagen central station which city you have traveled? Did you traveled by bus or train? How much it was cost and how did you bought?
Ans: As a new comer, from central station to the destination medium of transportation train is best. I travelled to vejle by train which cost around 320 dkk.

6. How long it was taken from CPH airport to travel your city?
Ans: The distance between cph and vejle is about 230km which takes by train 2hrs.

7. From your city how did you come to your home in Denmark by bus or taxi? How much it was cost?
Ans: If the house is close to the station then walking is best. Since my apartment was very close I walked there.

8. When you reached home what did you feel and what was the most necessary instrument or food or sleeping materials you needed?
Ans: Necessary food is like snacks, juice, cola. Necessary iteams for apartment are like: Pillow, Blanket, Table, chair, matress, basket, table lamp.

9. From where you bought first foods did and where did you have the cheapest house hold things?
Ans: After getting to apartment and leaving the bags I went out to get some food and looked for the nearest second hand shop to buy my necessary stuff. I got all the food from a supermarket called Foetex. There are others too- Fakta, Rema 1000, Netto, Kvickly, Super Brugsen, Kiwi. All these shops are for the grocery items. If you find the nearest second hand shop you will get the necessary stuff like Table, chair, matress, pillow, bed sheet, blanket. You can go to other shops to get the new stuff if you want to spend more money. It is important to buy some heavy stuff together, because every time you will buy the heavy things you have to pay the delivery cost to the shop.

10. How did you got the accommodation?
Ans: University arranged the accommodation. They had the contract with housing company.

11. How much was your house rent? Have you been alone or with the spouse or child?
Ans: The rent was 2950 dkk per month and the deposit was 3000 dkk. It was for one person room sharing the toilet and kitchen with 3 other students.

12. What was the address of the CPR registration number place and what the documents needed for CPR number?
Ans: You can always look for the address of Kommune in google. This place is used to register your cpr. To get the cpr registration you need Requisite documentation
• ID
• Passport
• accommodation contract
• documentation regarding the entitlement to stay in Denmark

13. How did you bought internet and where and which company is the cheapest? What mobile company do you use to call your home country?
Ans: Internet is always with the apartment. To call in Bangladesh Laycamobile is the best mobile operator.
14. How did search your first job and what was necessary to apply for job, was it necessary to make a CV?
Ans: To get the job you have to go to the restaurants with cv and talk to them. You have to show them that you are capable of working there.

15. How did you get your first job and what sector like cleaning, restaurants, newspaper delivery, and ware house, Food delivery, baby sitting or others?
Ans: My first job was newspaper delivery. If you have cycle you can do it.

16. How did you contact SKAT( tax) office in Denmark and how did they help you to predict your personal income of the year?
Ans: When you get first job you have to make a phone call to SKAT and ask them to open a tax account. They will assist you with this. Whatever they will ask just answer.

17. If you look back what might you could have bring from your home country that would have ease your life in Denmark?
Ans: Some fashionable jacket, shoes, windows cd for computer, pen drive, socks.