Study at LUT University, Finland

Study Science and Business at LUT University, Finland.
LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) is a pioneering science university in Finland, bringing together the fields of science and business since 1969.
Why LUT?
πŸ“The employment rate of our international graduates is 91% five years after graduation
πŸ“We are the world’s best in terms of an eco-friendly attitude, campus environment and learning spaces (International Student Barometer 2017)
πŸ“Over 92% of our international students are satisfied with their student experience
πŸ“Our international community of over 80 nationalities welcomes you!
πŸ‘‰ IELTS requirement: 6.0 for both Bachelor and Master Degree programs.
πŸŽ“ Study Areas:
πŸ‘‰Electrical Engineering (double degree programme)
πŸ‘‰Energy Technology (double degree programme)
πŸ‘‰Mechanical Engineering (double degree programme)
πŸ‘‰Software and Systems Engineering (double degree programme)
πŸ‘‰Technology and Engineering Science
In the double degree Bachelor’s programmes, you will obtain two degrees from LUT and LUT’s partner university in China, Hebei University of Technology.
πŸŽ“ Study Areas:
πŸ‘‰Business Administration
1.Business Analytics
2.International Business and Entrepreneurship
3.International Marketing Management
4.Strategic Finance and Analytics
5.Supply Management
πŸ‘‰Chemical Engineering
2.Chemical Engineering
3.Water Technology
πŸ‘‰Computational Engineering
1.Business Analytics
2.Data-Centric Engineering
3.Technical Physics
πŸ‘‰Electrical Engineering
1.Electrical Engineering
πŸ‘‰Energy Technology
1.Energy Conversion
2.Nuclear Engineering
3.Bioenergy Systems
πŸ‘‰Environmental Engineering
1.Sustainability Science and Solutions
2.Circular Economy
πŸ‘‰Industrial Engineering and Management
1.Global Management of Innovation and Technology
πŸ‘‰Mechanical Engineering
1.Industrial Design Engineering
2.Mechanical Engineering
πŸ‘‰Software Engineering
1.Software Engineering and Digital Transformation
2.Software Product Management and Business
3.Nordic Master’s Programme in Sustainable ICT Solutions of Tomorrow (double degree programme)
4.Erasmus Mundus Master’s Programme Software Engineers for Green Deal (triple degree programme)
Admission Criteria (Bachelor’s)
πŸ‘‰SAT Test:
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, 480
Math, 500
πŸ‘‰A relevant degree on the upper secondary level of education
Admission Criteria (Master’s)
You are required to have taken a GMAT Exam or GRE General Test with a minimum required score/s listed below.
πŸ‘‰GMAT: Total score 550 OR
πŸ‘‰GRE General: Verbal Reasoning 152 / Quantitative Reasoning 152 / Analytical Writing 3.0
πŸ‘‰GPA 3.50 on the scale of 1.00 – 5.00 in the following programmes:
All the programmes in Business Administration
Global Management of Innovation and Technology
Technical Physics
Data-Centric Engineering
Business Analytics, engineering science
Electrical Engineering
πŸ‘‰3.00 on the scale of 1.00-5.00 in the following programmes:
Chemical Engineering
Water Technology
Software Engineering and Digital Transformation
Software Product Management and Business
Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Design Engineering
Bioenergy Systems
Energy Conversion
Nuclear Engineering
Sustainability Science and Solutions
πŸ‘‰Business Analytics: A minimum of 24 ECTS credits of studies in Business Administration
πŸ‘‰International Business and Entrepreneurship: a minimum of 24 ECTS credits of studies in International Business, International Marketing, Entrepreneurship or Management
πŸ‘‰International Marketing Management: A minimum of 24 ECTS credits of studies in Marketing, International Marketing or International Business
πŸ‘‰Strategic Finance and Analytics: A minimum of 24 ECTS credits of studies in Finance, Management Accounting or Economics that are applicable to this programme
πŸ‘‰Supply Management: a minimum of 24 ECTS credits of studies in Supply Management, Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Marketing or International Business
Bachelor’s: 31.12.2020 – 19.1.2021
Master’s: 26.10.2020 – 31.5.2021
β€’ Bachelor’s degree: 9500 € (EUR) per year
β€’ Master’s degree: 10,000 € (EUR) per year
*Scholarship: There is a limited number of Tuition Fee Waivers available and they are awarded in the order of the highest points scored in the evaluation process.
πŸ‘‰There are no Tuition Fee Waivers available for the first academic year in the following programmes:
Industrial Design Engineering
Software Product Management and Business
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