Study in Denmark at Dania Academy for September 2021 Intake

Study in Denmark at Dania Academy for September 2021 Intake

Dania Academy is one of nine regional academies of higher education in Denmark and has campuses in eight different Danish cities.

Dania Academy accepting new students for September 2021 Intake


➡️ According to the recent study, Denmark is the world’s second-best talent developer.

➡️ Study in the happiest country in the world

➡️ Pre assess documents direct from the University

➡️ No sponsor/bank statement is required

➡️ Students can go with their spouse and dependents.

Dania Academy offer AP degree Program and BA Top-Up Program



Students should be higher secondary passed for AP Degree program and Bachelor 2nd year Pass for BA Top-UP Program.

IELTS score should be minimum 6.5

   Tuition Fees range is 6,750 Euro to 4,100 Euro for one semester

 Application deadline is March 15, 2021 for the September 2021 intake.


Dania Academy also offers for DANIA Hybrid Degree:

Subject: AP Degree in Marketing Management


Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)


On 1st semester you will proceed with online learning. You can join your exam in Singapore or you can continue your exam online.


From 2nd semester you can go to Denmark or any EU country where DANIA campus study is accepted or available.


On 4th semester you will join an internship programme for 3 months in Bangladesh/Denmark/EU country.


Here is the Tuition Fees::

  • Admission, incl startup seminar – 3000 USD
  • End of 1st Semester seminar in Singapore – 4000 USD
  • End of 2nd Semester seminar in Singapore – 4000 USD
  • End of 3rd Semester seminar in Singapore – 4000 USD
  • Graduation Semester – 2500 USD

Total Price for the study programme (2 years): 17.500 USD

Our visa success rate is 100% for September 2020 Intake. 14 successful years of recruiting experience to study in Denmark. We are the first representatives of the many Denmark educational Institutions for many years.

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