University of Sydney Foundation Program (USFP): Guaranteed entry to The University of Sydney if you meet the USFP requirements. In 2016, 93% of students graduated from our Foundation Program received an offer from the University of Sydney. Additionally, every year almost 100% of Foundation graduates are offered a tertiary place.
Study Programmes:

Standard Program: The USFP Standard program is perfect for you if you’ve achieved at least average grades in English and relevant subjects. The Standard Program takes 40 weeks to complete. In this 40 week period you will study a regular pattern of five subjects, each one for five hours a week, a total of 25 hours of class time per week.
Entry Requirements: 8 subjects (plus English A & B); IELTS required – 5.5
Programme Starts Date: January and July
Programme Duration: 40 Weeks

Intensive Program: If you have superior grades in English and relevant subjects and want to fast track your pathway to University, then the USFP Intensive program is for you. In the Intensive Program, you will study almost the same number of hours as students who enrolled in the 40 week Standard Program. However, your timetable will be arranged so that you can complete the course over a shorter period. You will have 30 hours of class time per week. Therefore, these intakes have a higher English language entry requirement. This Program is available for Science and Economics streams only.
Entry Requirements: 8 subjects (plus English A & B); IELTS required – 6.0
Programme Starts Date: April and October
Programme Duration: 30 weeks

Extended Program:
The Extended Program takes 59 weeks to complete and consists of two parts. 1) In the first 19 weeks you will study Extended English, Australian Identity, and the Essential Computing Skills and Study life Skills Course, PLUS two subjects from the standard 40 week course; 2) At the end of the first 19 weeks you must pass Extended English, d +, and meet the academic requirements of the Elective Subjects to continue with the remaining 40 weeks of the program.
Entry Requirements: 6 subjects + Standard Program; IELTS required – 5.0
Programme Starts Date: April and October
Programme Duration: 30 weeks

Course structure:

You will have the choice of five Streams to study, which will be dependent on the undergraduate degree that you wish to study:

  • Science / Engineering and IT / Health Science
  • Economics / Commerce
  • Arts / Media
  • Music
  • Visual Art and Design

As part of each stream you will study a number of subjects. To determine which subjects you should study in relation to your chosen undergraduate degree, see below for more details.

How to Apply:

1. Submit your application
2. Check entry requirements and availability
3. Offer of a place or an alternative plan
4. Deposit payment
5. Accommodation availability check
6. Place confirmation
7. Accommodation & arrival confirmation
8. Meet you at airport or campus

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