Why do you need to apply earlier for student visa of Denmark

Why you will apply earlier for student visa of Denmark
Now a day’s students of Bangladesh going to Denmark for their Higher Education. They arises a common question very frequently that how much time will be needed for a residence permit or Visa. The common answer given by the university authority or the immigration department of Denmark is 3 to 4 months.

Why 3 to 4 Months
At the submission time of ST1 the VFS of the Royal Danish Embassy at Dhaka ( If you are student from Bangladesh)receives Notarized copies of all the educational documents, IELTS certificate, Offer Letter, Tuition Fees payment receipt, All pages of Passport and 2 copies of Picture of size 35mm x 45mm with white background. At the time of submission of ST1 they also collect the Biometric Features of the candidate.
Sometimes, the candidates fill up their ST1 form online. At the time of fill up they used to upload their Passport copy and other documents. A limitation is there. At a time the candidates can upload documents of size 10 MB only.

After submission of ST1 the VFS persons used to send these documents to the Royal Danish Embassy by courier service and then the Embassy persons used to send these documents to the Immigration Department of Denmark by Diplomatic bag. In process of handling the documents might be missing accidentally and in the case of ST1 submitted by online the documents might not reach to the immigration department due to slow speed of internet or technical fault. In these cases the immigration department might ask through the embassy for the lost documents.
After receiving the full set of required documents the immigration department asks the embassy to take an interview of the candidate to know the English proficiency. Meanwhile, they check the authentication of the candidature of the student with the university authority. If they are satisfied in all aspect then they issue the Visa Sticker and Letter. Before issuance of Visa Sticker the immigration department may ask for all pages of Passport.

After receiving the Visa Sticker and Letter the Royal Danish Embassy used to call or mail the candidates to submit their Passport to the Embassy and at the time of submission of Passport they used to inform the candidates to wait for 5 to 7 days to collect their Passports from VFS. After call from VFS the candidates collects their Passport with Visa Sticker and the Letter.

Due to the aforesaid lengthy procedure the immigration department used to take a time of 3 to 4 months to complete the whole process.

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