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We have been the market leader for Denmark student recruitment over the last 12 years. By that time we have been recruiting for the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Malaysia, New Zealand as well. Today Globalturn is an established and highly reputed brand.
But today is probably the most challenging time for Globalturn to study abroad as the Danish Government would like to stop 4000 English taught study places.
As a result we are looking for more educational partners from Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, UK and Canada.
We arrange webinars online for our partners.
We invite our partners to the study fair and to conduct seminars once a year. We provide the valuable market intelligence on time to time .We set goals and create marketing plan together with our partner institutions
We screen the student data in order to see if students meet the admission and visa criteria . We also check the socio economic background and authentication of their documents.

We expect to get training from our educational partner institution regarding admission, visa and other practical aspects. 
Our study advisors are highly experienced and multilingual.

If you want to recruit from the international market then contact us as soon as possible.

Please contact us for more information regarding the partnership to 


call us at 0045 50231317